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In our 30 years as an Oak Park paint contractor, we have developed a succinct process in order to ensure that our projects (and your expectations) are completed on time. We’ve highlighted this process so you know exactly what you’ll receive when you work with A&T Painting.

Proposal: Before we start, A&T Painting provides you with a detailed proposal that outlines the materials, processes, and timelines for your residential, commercial or industrial project.

Professional Service: A&T offers an initial consultation where our experts will help you select the best materials and techniques for your painting project. Our specialized painters meticulously prepare the area, either mechanically or by hand. They use the most up-to-date equipment and the finest training to consistently maintain a safe, clean and non-disruptive painting process.

Quality Assurance: A&T Painting conducts ongoing staff training to ensure constant compliance with the latest industry standards for safety, cleanliness, and proper application. Upon completion of your job, a member of the A&T staff conducts a personal walk-through with you to ensure that every part of the job has been performed at or above your expectations. We also dispose of our materials according to strict industry requirements and guidelines.

Ongoing Consultation: Don’t worry, the A&T staff will remain at hand long after the final coat has been applied. We are always available for maintenance advice, touch-ups, and repairs.