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At A&T Painting, we know that a beautiful home begins with the color of your walls. Specializing in both residential and commercial painting, A&T Painting has been a trusted paint contractor in the Oak Park and River Forest area for over 30 years. Whether your home is a classic Colonial or a snug Split-Level, A&T Painting utilizes a high degree of professionalism when planning and executing your desired design.

We understand that the appearance of your home can directly affect your mood, and at A&T Painting we work to create the desired feel that is specific to every room and home interior/exterior. Our knowledgable team will design a detailed plan that covers every step of the process, referring directly to you when any questions may arise. Upon completion of the project, a trusted member of our staff will walk through the home to ensure that all of your expectations have been met. Our clientele find that our personalized approach and attention to detail place A&T Painting among the best paint contractors in the Oak Park area.

A&T’s services don’t end at residential and commercial painting, however; we also offer plaster and drywall repair, sandblasting services, industrial cleaning and industrial painting. Our contractors are trained in the health and safety regulations for the food and beverage industry, and follow strict compliance when working in any applicable environment. At A&T Painting, we adapt to any environment and strive to achieve the best results, no matter the project. Let us work to be better for you.